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Hot Water Solutions


How, When, and Where You Need It

As a result of the 2020 pandemic, we see customers investing more in solutions for their facility’s hot water needs ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient systems that meet a variety of sanitary and process requirements. Relcon is aware of the consumption of limited resources such as water and energy. We are committed to working with our vendors to provide energy efficient equipment and alternative methods to conserve our valuable resources.

Our customers’ requests cover a vast range of applications in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. Relcon in partnership with Raychem HWAT, Hubbell Water Heaters, and OGI Quickwater are your partners for hot water solutions.

Raychem HWAT System

The Raychem HWAT system utilizes self-regulating heat trace cable installed directly to domestic hot water supply piping, to maintain the system temperature as provided by your water heater. By using advanced electronic controls and easy to install connection kits, an HWAT system can reduce time to tap hot water and simplify complex recirculating systems.

Self-Regulating Heat Trace

  • HWAT is a self-regulating heat trace cable that adjusts its heat output accordingly to maintain the desired constant temperature
  • Can be cut to length in the field
  • Designed to be used with ACS-30 or HWAT ECO advanced controllers

ACS-30 and HWAT-ECO Controller

  • Advanced controls calculate the amount of “on” time required to maintain the desired temperature based on Raychem’s advanced algorithm
  • Preconfigured “usage profiles” allow clients to tune the system to meet their water usage needs throughout the day/weeks/months providing energy cost savings
  • Network interface capabilities enable IOT connectivity directly to the users BMS

Efficient Design

  • Eliminates the need for re-circulating systems and excess piping/pumps/valves
  • Constant water temperature throughout entire domestic hot water supply piping
  • Easy to install Rayclic connection kits. Tightening two screws is all it takes
  • Hybrid system of re-circulated header and heat tracing branch lines can provide a solution that is simple yet effective
  • Guaranteed water efficiency by heat tracing to the tap for instant hot water

Pathogen Control Measure (ASHRAE Guideline 12)

  • Legionella species remain dormant below 70°F and can grow and multiply up to 120°F
  • When a building is unoccupied, HWAT system can be utilized to maintain hot-water temperatures at or above 120°F to mitigate the chances of pathogen growth

hwat1 hwat2

Hubbell water heaters

Hubbell Electric Heater Company offers world-class engineered solutions for Electric, Gas & Steam water heaters. With an emphasis on quality and total cost of ownership, their products are backed by an industry-leading warranty. Whether the application calls for traditional storage or tankless on demand, we can provide a solution specific to your application. Hubbell makes hot water easy for design engineers through solutions such as industrial water/process fluid heating or commercial water heaters.

Types of heaters Hubbell manufactures

    • Packaged cement lined heaters (*see Hydrastone)
    • Electric Heaters
    • Gas Heaters
    • Steam or Boiler Water Heaters
    • Tankless Heaters
    • Emergency Showers (Tepid /Safety Heaters)
    • Storage ASME and non ASME Tanks
    • Standalone heaters or fully packaged turnkey/skid solutions


Light Duty Commercial Electric Water Heater

6-55 gallon capacity, up to 12 KW, single phase and three phase options available.


Commercial Electric Water Heater

19-119 gallon capacity, up to 58 kW in all three phase voltages, over 12kW in all single phase voltages


High Capacity, ASME Predominantly Staniless Steel Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Hubbel Infinity TXA tankless water heater can provide a flow rate of up to 40GPM with a temperature range of 32-194 F
Available up to 162 KW in three phase voltage


Explosion Resistant Water Heater

10-5000 Galoon Capacity, 1.5-1600 KW, Single or Three Phase


Tepid Water Delivery System

Specifically designed to provide high volume tepid water for emergency mixtures, configurable using electric, gas, steam or hydronic


Packaged Instantaneous Circulation Heater

Full KW selection in all voltages, single or three phase, use for domestic water and boiler applications


Key Benefit-Hydrastone Lining

Cement vs Glass Lined

Hydrastone cement lining offers complete coverage of the tank

  • Hydrastone cement lining offers complete coverage of the tank
    • Reduces ownership and operating expenses
      • Longer lifespan
      • Maintenance free benefits
      • Eliminating inspection and replacement costs to maintain anode in glass lined tanks
      • Anode not required for hydrastone cement lined tanks

    If you have a demanding industrial application such as:

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Petro-chemical
    • Water treatment

    Or any commercial applications:

    • Boiler room
    • Kitchens
    • Shower room

We can provide an engineered solution for you or your clients that, “Makes Hot Water Easy!”.

OGI ~QuikWater

Manufactured by OGI Process Equipment, QuikWater systems meet the world’s most stringent air quality regulations and are the first-ever direct contact water heating systems to be certified by the NSF/ANSI Standard 3A and 5A for food processing applications.

“So smart it’s simple.” QuikWater’s non-pressured designs and direct contact heating systems are smart, efficient, and SAFE! By using a QuikWater system, clients experience cost savings thru eliminating the need for permitting and staffing boiler engineers.

Practical Innovation

  • Clean-burn combustion technology is a dry-fire process that produces pure hot water on demand with high energy efficiency
  • Patented combustion chamber provides an isolated dry atmosphere for burner flames, eliminating safety risks, and producing high fuel efficiency without water contamination

Primary applications

  • Food/poultry processing
  • Commercial laundries
  • Dairies
  • Concrete production
  • Glass and textiles
  • Car washing
  • Beverage industries
  • Government, aviation, and schools

Flagship OGI

QuikWater Simulator

  • A simulator that allows us to study and review Quikwater behaviors with our stakeholders without requiring the presence of a physical unit.
  • Enables us to educate our customers in a low-stakes environment.
  • Schedule your simulation today, call 765-825-2194.

Hot, Clean, and Green!

  • Hot
    • Hot water on demand
    • Quickly heats water up to 180°F
    • Self-contained, customized systems for your specific operation
  • Clean
    • Clean burn technology
    • Powered by natural gas or propane
    • Flash pasteurization to kill pathogens
    • Certified by NSF/ANSI for food processing applications
  • Green
    • Up to 40% energy savings
    • Environmentally safe
    • Lowers carbon footprint
    • Meets the most stringent air quality regulations

The Relcon team is proud to work with these industry leaders to offer our clients a portfolio of products and vendors that are dedicated to serving the industry. Innovative products and value-added solutions address our customers’ hot water requirements. Relcon values operational reliability, energy efficiency, and reduced total cost of ownership for the life of equipment we represent.  Contact Relcon today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


MAIN OFFICE PHONE: (765) 825-2194



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New XTVR Cable

We are excited to launch the new nVent RAYCHEM XTVR, reloaded with nVent’s innovative High Power Retention technology (HPR). The XTV product family has been protecting industrial processes for more than 35 years and today, we continue that legacy with XTVR. This new heating cable is as easy to flex, strip and install, and brings additional benefits in performance and longevity.

Product Overview

XTVR Battery

Main benefits:

  • Optimized design for high-temperature applications

XTVR offers a maximum operating temperature of 150°C / 302°F and T3/T2 unconditional T-ratings, very long circuit lengths, and more power variants: four at 120V and seven at 230V/240V. As a result, XTVR designs closely match heat loss, optimize power requirements, and reduce system costs.

  • Easy to strip, flex and install

XTVR maintains its fiber construction, making cable stripping easy and simple, and you can install it with existing nVent RAYCHEM connection kits. Click here to see how fast and easy you can strip an XTVR heating cable.

  • High Power Retention and Long Life

We reloaded the XTV, using nVent’s breakthrough HPR technology and new polymer materials that were developed for the HTV heating cable. The new XTVR heating cable has minimum 95% power retention after 10 years at maximum operating temperature, and a design life of 30 years or more.

Now the nVent RAYCHEM HTV family goes up to 28W/ft or 92W/m

The launch of HTV with High Power Retention (HPR) technology was a great success. Now, we added an additional model to the family with a 28 W/ft or 92 W/m heating cable. This provides design flexibility with a higher wattage cable to meet certain application demands.

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Relcon & Shelter Works

Relcon Logo

Relcon & Shelter Works

Relcon is proud of our partnership with Shelter Works, a manufacturer of fiberglass shelters which provide protective solutions for critical field equipment.

On a recent project,  we worked together to engineer a custom fiberglass shelter enclosure with the purpose of protecting a filter separator for our customer.

Click the link below to read the full story – Fiberglass Filter  Fiberglass Filter Separator Building | Shelter Works

Let Relcon know if we can provide a Shelter Works solution for you!


The Relcon team is dedicated to being a world-class value-added solutions provider. Our engineered sales and service staff enhance the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of natural gas utilities. Contact us for more information.


MAIN OFFICE PHONE: (765) 825-2194



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Relcon Inc Acquires Assets of CJ Nolte Company

Relcon Logo

Relcon & CJ Nolte

Relcon is pleased to announce we have acquired the assets of The CJ Nolte Company of Hazlet, New Jersey. The expanded territory following this consolidation includes Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

CJ Nolte Company, a Tier 1 vendor in their respective territory, represents a tremendous opportunity for the growth of Relcon and our gas services portfolio.

As part of the consolidation, three of the CJ Nolte staff have joined the Relcon team –

  • Crystel Denvir – Inside sales support and order entry
  • Tim Pawloski – Outside sales and support
  • Matt Pawloski – Outside sales and support

The new team members bring a tremendous amount of experience in the natural gas industry.  The combination of our new team members and Relcon staff will create team synergies that strengthen our service and sales capabilities to our valued clients in the industry.

Relcon Gas Services

What kind of services does Relcon offer?

  • Relcon staff can work with clients in the design and engineering phase of projects to assist with the following:
    • Specification of innovative solutions for their project requirements
    • Ensure the application and sizing of equipment that meets the project’s intended goals
    • Whether it is Relcon staff or the expert resources of the vendors we represent, clients can be assured Relcon can provide them with technical support from early design to start-up and commissioning
  • Customers can call experienced technicians for the following:
    • Technical assistance and troubleshooting
    • Equipment sizing and application support
    • Field service support of the equipment we sell
  • Relcon also provides instrument calibrations traceable to NIST standards.
  • Our value-added services is of growing interest to our clients, such as:

In-shop integration of measurement and communication equipment to ensure efficient roll out of remote pressure monitoring and gas volume data collection projects

How do these services add value to Relcon’s business with customers and end users?

  • Service to our customers is always our primary goal; Relcon is committed to delivering quality products and providing post sales service. This allows our customers to focus on other aspects of their job, knowing we have their best interest in mind.
  • We provide solutions to clients experiencing manpower issues
    • Relcon provides integration of equipment and functional testing before it leaves our shop
    • We enable customers to deploy equipment in the field quicker and more reliably while capitalizing those embedded expenses

Relcon’s product portfolio

  • Relcon maintains channel partner contracts with industry leading suppliers to provide best in class equipment and service to include:
    • Electronic gas volume correctors & recorders, RTU, gas meters, gas chromatographs, data collection systems, modems
    • Pipeline valves, valve actuation, valve extensions and coating
    • Gas process heaters
    • Inline filtration and strainers
    • Polyethylene valves, electro fusion fittings and equipment
    • Monolithic insulating joints
    • Equipment Building Enclosures
    • Pipeline marking posts and RFID enabled asset tracking systems
    • Prefabricated skids for flow /pressure control, measurement, pig launcher /receivers

Auto Valveinstall pic lifetime

EC 350 Duke

Territories for Relcon Gas Services

  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • Kentucky
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Washington DC

The Relcon team is dedicated to being a world-class value-added solutions provider. Our engineered sales and service staff enhance the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of natural gas utilities. Contact us for more information.


MAIN OFFICE PHONE: (765) 825-2194



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O’Brien Tubing Bundle and Instrument Enclosure Systems

Relcon Logo

O’Brien has long been recognized as the leader in providing premanufactured tubing bundles and reliable instrumentation protection. Through Relcon, we can provide a simplified installation with predictable operation for your industry needs.


TRACEPAK Steam and Electric Traced Tubing Bundles

TRACEPAK tubing bundles are pre-insulated and traced assemblies that does not require field fabrication. The performance of O’Brien tubing bundles is a safe and reliable turnkey solution that saves money and time of installation.

TRACEPAK is combined with Raychem heating cables to offer a wide range of heater selections for specific electric heat tracing applications.

  • BTV heating cable – an excellent low-cost freeze protection product that can be cut to length in the field.
  • XTV/VPL heating cable – for high temperature maintain and high exposure temperatures. Also, can be cut to length in the field.
  • MI mineral insulated heating cable – Very rugged and predictable performer. Able to maintain and be exposed to the highest temperatures while also meeting class and division approvals.
  • Design
    • Unique parallel configuration, in which process and tracer lines are always parallel inside the bundle
    • Configuration allows the tubing to stay round and malleable
    • Can be installed at temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Applications
    • Freeze protection and process maintenance temperatures
    • Impulse lines for flow, pressure, level transmitters, and pressure switches
    • Sample lines – process/emission analyzers, chromatographs
    • Process lines – steam supply, condensate return, water purge, chemical feed, and instrument air lines
  • Economical
    • Maintenance free
    • Saves engineering and design time
    • Ensures consistent performance and reduces maintenance time
    • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) verified designs




S-Line Tubing Bundles

S-Line is a pre-manufactured tubing bundle without a heating element included. This is the perfect design for liquid and gas transport lines that are vulnerable to minimal heat loss and day to day abuse. S-Line offers the complete package by pre insulating and weatherproofing small diameter pipelines.

  • Typical Applications
    • Steam supply lines
    • Condensate return lines
    • Small diameter process lines
  • Product Features
    • Personnel protection
    • Weatherproofing
    • Energy conversation
    • Jacketed tubing that provides mechanical protection and identification
    • Bare coil and stick tubing


Shelter Works

Shelter Works® fiberglass equipment shelters are insulated, corrosion resistant and custom made to fit the needs of the various applications in the oil and natural gas, electric utility, and industrial process industry.

Shelter Works 1 Shelter Works 2


VIPAK Enclosures

VIPAK is an enclosure system that winterizes process instruments, as well as protects them from corrosion and mechanical abuse. Protecting instrumentation from freezing or maintaining elevated temperatures for process fluids can involve many components, designs, and engineering details. Rather than spending valuable time locating, specifying, and engineering individual components, Relcon in association with O’Brien can provide a complete integrated solution.

  • Design
    • Provides versatility and performance
    • Durable enclosure
    • Available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes for 1-5 transmitters
    • Ability to optimize instrument details to meet space limitations common in new construction projects
    • Available in SS, ABS, and GRP versions both insulated and uninsulated.
    • Exterior supports provided for mounting enclosures to walls, pipe stands, columns, process lines, and process flanges
    • Interior brackets provide a wide variety of support for the instruments, manifolds, and piping that need protection
    • Protects instrument from corrosion, chemical attack, mechanical abuse, and freezing weather conditions
    • Winterizes process instruments and protects them from corrosion and mechanical abuse
  • Economical
    • Wide variety of enclosure sizes are available to accommodate single and multiple instruments requirements
    • Can be combined with a wide selection of heavy-duty mounts, brackets, and heaters to create customized packages that suit the application
    • Factory mounted parting plates for quick and easy installation


Contact us today or schedule an appointment

The Relcon team is dedicated to working with the industrial market to provide protection for your investment. Let us help you provide your process with predictable and reliable results.

MAIN OFFICE PHONE: (765) 825-2194



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Heat Trace System Design + Services

As a Raychem value-added distributor and solutions provider for nearly 60 years, Relcon is full of inside knowledge and experience. Complete project detail disclosure enables Relcon to optimize and design the best solution.

Relcon builds long term relationships with customers by providing project integrity from takeoff to field service support after installation.

Safety, reliability, and efficiency continue to be Relcon’s core focus, which is built into every design.

Heat Trace System Layout

Heat Tracing Applications

  • Pipeline freeze protection
  • Pipeline Temperature maintenance
  • Tank heating
  • Instrumentation winterization enclosures and tubing bundles
  • Snow-melting and de-icing of pavement surfaces, roofs, and gutters
  • Domestic and process hot water heating
  • Facility floor warming systems for comfort, radiant, and frost heave prevention
  • Leak detection of liquids such as water, chemicals, and fuel

The Value We Bring To Your Business

Relcon delivers value for any of the above applications on numerous levels.

  1. We design, develop and implement high-quality Raychem heat tracing systems tailored to your needs
  2. Design optimization reduces total install and operating costs
  3. Our designs are reliable with little to no maintenance required over a long product lifespan (Raychem products have an industry-leading 20-40 year expected lifespan)
  4. You can feel confident about your investment with an optional extended 10-year warranty
  5. We enhance system integrity with the deliverables discussed below

Design, Project Deliverables, and Field Service Details

Heat Trace Isometric Piping Drawings

  • CAD – 2D and 3D drawing capability

Control and Monitoring

  • Communication and connectivity abilities for Building Management Systems and Distributed Control Systems

Heat Trace Panel / Control Schedules

  • Provide standard/custom designed panels that comply with NEC guidelines
  • Optimize installation and maximize project integrity

Project O&M Manuals + Data Sheets

  • Project documentation

Startup, Training, Commissioning, Troubleshooting

  • Technical field services
  • Advanced control panel start-up and training

NGC Panel and TransformerFlex Panel Open

Heat Tracing Tanks

We provide a wide selection of heat tracing solutions for tanks and vessels. Typical applications for electrical heat tracing of tanks and vessels include:

  • Freeze protection of low and medium viscosity fluids (water, ammonia)
  • Temperature maintenance for medium viscosity fluids (oils , resins )
  • Crystallization prevention (caustic soda)
  • Condensation prevention (fly ash in conical bases of silos)

We also offer Frost Heave Protection

  • Commercial – Freezers
  • Industrial – Slabs under tanks (ex. Industrial gases and fertilizer plants)

Contact our knowledgeable team about your heat tracing needs