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New XTVR Cable

We are excited to launch the new nVent RAYCHEM XTVR, reloaded with nVent’s innovative High Power Retention technology (HPR). The XTV product family has been protecting industrial processes for more than 35 years and today, we continue that legacy with XTVR. This new heating cable is as easy to flex, strip and install, and brings additional benefits in performance and longevity.

Product Overview

XTVR Battery

Main benefits:

  • Optimized design for high-temperature applications

XTVR offers a maximum operating temperature of 150°C / 302°F and T3/T2 unconditional T-ratings, very long circuit lengths, and more power variants: four at 120V and seven at 230V/240V. As a result, XTVR designs closely match heat loss, optimize power requirements, and reduce system costs.

  • Easy to strip, flex and install

XTVR maintains its fiber construction, making cable stripping easy and simple, and you can install it with existing nVent RAYCHEM connection kits. Click here to see how fast and easy you can strip an XTVR heating cable.

  • High Power Retention and Long Life

We reloaded the XTV, using nVent’s breakthrough HPR technology and new polymer materials that were developed for the HTV heating cable. The new XTVR heating cable has minimum 95% power retention after 10 years at maximum operating temperature, and a design life of 30 years or more.

Now the nVent RAYCHEM HTV family goes up to 28W/ft or 92W/m

The launch of HTV with High Power Retention (HPR) technology was a great success. Now, we added an additional model to the family with a 28 W/ft or 92 W/m heating cable. This provides design flexibility with a higher wattage cable to meet certain application demands.