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O’Brien Tubing Bundle and Instrument Enclosure Systems

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O’Brien has long been recognized as the leader in providing premanufactured tubing bundles and reliable instrumentation protection. Through Relcon, we can provide a simplified installation with predictable operation for your industry needs.


TRACEPAK Steam and Electric Traced Tubing Bundles

TRACEPAK tubing bundles are pre-insulated and traced assemblies that does not require field fabrication. The performance of O’Brien tubing bundles is a safe and reliable turnkey solution that saves money and time of installation.

TRACEPAK is combined with Raychem heating cables to offer a wide range of heater selections for specific electric heat tracing applications.

  • BTV heating cable – an excellent low-cost freeze protection product that can be cut to length in the field.
  • XTV/VPL heating cable – for high temperature maintain and high exposure temperatures. Also, can be cut to length in the field.
  • MI mineral insulated heating cable – Very rugged and predictable performer. Able to maintain and be exposed to the highest temperatures while also meeting class and division approvals.
  • Design
    • Unique parallel configuration, in which process and tracer lines are always parallel inside the bundle
    • Configuration allows the tubing to stay round and malleable
    • Can be installed at temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Applications
    • Freeze protection and process maintenance temperatures
    • Impulse lines for flow, pressure, level transmitters, and pressure switches
    • Sample lines – process/emission analyzers, chromatographs
    • Process lines – steam supply, condensate return, water purge, chemical feed, and instrument air lines
  • Economical
    • Maintenance free
    • Saves engineering and design time
    • Ensures consistent performance and reduces maintenance time
    • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) verified designs




S-Line Tubing Bundles

S-Line is a pre-manufactured tubing bundle without a heating element included. This is the perfect design for liquid and gas transport lines that are vulnerable to minimal heat loss and day to day abuse. S-Line offers the complete package by pre insulating and weatherproofing small diameter pipelines.

  • Typical Applications
    • Steam supply lines
    • Condensate return lines
    • Small diameter process lines
  • Product Features
    • Personnel protection
    • Weatherproofing
    • Energy conversation
    • Jacketed tubing that provides mechanical protection and identification
    • Bare coil and stick tubing


Shelter Works

Shelter Works® fiberglass equipment shelters are insulated, corrosion resistant and custom made to fit the needs of the various applications in the oil and natural gas, electric utility, and industrial process industry.

Shelter Works 1 Shelter Works 2


VIPAK Enclosures

VIPAK is an enclosure system that winterizes process instruments, as well as protects them from corrosion and mechanical abuse. Protecting instrumentation from freezing or maintaining elevated temperatures for process fluids can involve many components, designs, and engineering details. Rather than spending valuable time locating, specifying, and engineering individual components, Relcon in association with O’Brien can provide a complete integrated solution.

  • Design
    • Provides versatility and performance
    • Durable enclosure
    • Available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes for 1-5 transmitters
    • Ability to optimize instrument details to meet space limitations common in new construction projects
    • Available in SS, ABS, and GRP versions both insulated and uninsulated.
    • Exterior supports provided for mounting enclosures to walls, pipe stands, columns, process lines, and process flanges
    • Interior brackets provide a wide variety of support for the instruments, manifolds, and piping that need protection
    • Protects instrument from corrosion, chemical attack, mechanical abuse, and freezing weather conditions
    • Winterizes process instruments and protects them from corrosion and mechanical abuse
  • Economical
    • Wide variety of enclosure sizes are available to accommodate single and multiple instruments requirements
    • Can be combined with a wide selection of heavy-duty mounts, brackets, and heaters to create customized packages that suit the application
    • Factory mounted parting plates for quick and easy installation


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